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About CMPA Support?

CMPA Support is a small not for profit organisation. Our aims are simple,

  • To raise awareness of the allergy at all levels, so that future generations of CMPA babies (& their families) shouldn't have to suffer.

  • To provide information, support and practical advice to parents/carers at whichever stage of the CMPA journey they are on.

  • To keep an up-to-date list of "free from" foods, including foods that can be found in the "normal" sections of shops and supermarkets.

Although our name suggests we only deal with CMPA, that is just a starting point. We understand that CMPA is often the first of what can lead to multiple food allergies and intolerances. Many of our Facebook community members are dealing with much more than simply cow's milk avoidance, and we welcome discussions on all food and non food allergies, and the symptoms which come with them.

History of CMPA Support

CMPA Support was founded in April 2012 by Jolene Beatson, mum to Oscar (with no known allergies) and Niamh ( who was allergic to CMP and Soya, however she outgrew milk allergy in 2016 and is currently working up the Soya ladder.)

It all began as a single Facebook group, a place for people to share the burden of living with a baby with milk allergy. The community expanded rapidly and now consists of 20+ Facebook groups, and of course our Facebook page, Twitter feed and our website.

The CMPA Support Facebook community is now run by a team of fellow parents of sufferers of CMPA and a multitude of additional allergies and food related medical conditions.

Jolene and her partner Simon Williams became the founding trustees of CMPA Support in June 2013, so that funds could be raised to help keep the website running and to fund any future projects. The CMPA Support Trust is a very small charity which raises less that £2000 per year.

The charities current trustees are:

Jolene Beatson - Founder

Simon Williams - Treasure

CMPA Support is a not for profit organisation run entirely by volunteers. Any funds raised are used to administrate the website and social media support currently available. If you would like to volunteer to help with our Facebook groups please contact one of the admins via FB messenger.


Using our website can help people understand CMPA, the symptoms to look out for and how it is diagnosed. It can also save a lot of time and stress in finding alternatives to everyday foods that babies, toddlers and children (plus breastfeeding Mum's) can eat.

We are not all medical professionals and the information that we have used to write these pages has come from our own experiences as well as other sources including NHS leaflets and allergy websites.

** The information on this website has been checked and certified correct by Specialist Paediatric Dietitian Mel Rendall **

If you think your child is suffering from CMPA, please see your GP before undertaking any kind of exclusion diet or changing your babies formula milk. If you struggle to get a diagnosis you can complain via PALS and use the NICE Guidelines to help support your case with your GP.

If you know of any foods, websites or recipes that are not listed please let us know by sending the details via the contact us button.

CMPA Support is a community and the more people who join it, the better it becomes!

Contact Us

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Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible

CMPA Support is run entirely by volunteers and our website is funded by your kind donations and hard work fundraising.

Thank You!